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These are the Club Rules, Please try and obey them when you are practicing Judo

A Durham University Judo Club Member has RESPECT for himself and others, has good SPORTSMANSHIP so is therefore fair and unselfish and has the INTEGRITY to conduct themselves lawfully.


  • Good Moral Character.
  • Though judo is an individual competition sport the club is a team and we are here to train responsibly with each other to grow and develop as judo players together.


  • Be punctual where possible. Irregular attendance hinders learning and progression
  • Good conduct of yourself and consideration of others to ensure safety when on the mat.
  • Good behaviour
  • Have respect and give complete attention to sensei when he/she is teaching
  • Show respect for others
  • As part of the club you should respect our culture of giving and receiving coaching to and from peers.
  • Do not leave the mat without permission from the instructor except for illness
  • Food and drink are not permitted on the mat
  • Abide to the courtesy of bowing where appropriate, at all times
  • Stop all activity immediately upon the command “Matte”


  • Clean bodies (Shower before coming onto the mat if necessary)
  • Clean Hands
  • Clean, short and blunt nails
  • Clean Feet
  • Bring zori (flip-flops) to the dojo so that feet do not bring on dirt and sock fluff on to the mat.
  • Do not step off the mat without anything on your feet.
  • Clean and neat hair
  • Clean and neat clothing


  • Students without a Judogi should wear:
  • Loose fitting, durable (may get stretched or damaged), long-sleeved shirt.
  • Loose fitting trousers (not jeans) with no zips.
  • All jewellery/wrist bands should be removed. Glasses may be worn whilst bring instructed.
  • No items should be left in pockets.
  • Students with a Judogi:
  • Blue or white judo suit
  • No rips, tears or permanent marks.
  • Women can wear a plain white t-shirt (not low-cut). And a sports bra would be recommended.
  • The wearing of undershirts and leggings for men in subject to the sensei. It is advisedthat men wear sports underwear to avoid tearing/damage of the material.
  • Courtesy – (Bowing is like a handshake)

You should bow:

  • When entering and leaving the dojo
  • When stepping on and off the mat
  • At the beginning and end of classes
  • Before and after practice with a partner
  • Before and after contest
  • Before and after receiving promotions and awards
  • Any time that you want to say ‘thank you’